Saturday, October 5, 2013

Europe... First Days in London

First of all, let me say how much fun we had on our trip and how fabulous our hosts, Bri and Sam Barrett, were to us!! It was definitely difficult to be away from Evelyn for two weeks, but our days were pretty packed and spent with such great friends... it all went by too quickly. We're back home, back at work, and feeling settled in, so I better look through the ridiculous amount of photos we took before too much time goes by! :)

We arrived in London early (6:30 am!!) and arrived at Bri and Sam's flat, where they were waiting with coffee and Bailey's and breakfast. Such a warm welcome! They live in Notting Hill, which is such a cute neighborhood (reminds me a lot of Queen Anne in Seattle), so we didn't feel completely overwhelmed by a big city. After breakfast, Bri headed off to work and Mat and I showered and then headed out to walk the town. We had really ambitious plans to walk down to the Thames and see a lot of sights. That didn't happen, but we did make it to Buckingham Palace, so I feel like I can call that a success. :)

The Welllington Arch at Hyde Park Corner

London Architecture, which I loved.

No big deal, just the Horse Guards taking up the street... none of the drivers seemed to mind. :)

Victoria Memorial

Buckingham Palace...

...we were tired. :)

I was pretty much done at this point, so we headed home for a nap. I had high hopes of dealing with jet lag very gracefully, with all of my lovely experience flipping my schedule around from working night shift. However, I practically fell asleep in a pub that night, and was in bed around 8 o'clock I think... Mat wasn't phased at all. Oh well. :)

We had a tour booked the next day, so we headed out early for Stonehenge and Bath. Stonehenge was on Mat's bucket list, so he was super excited to go... it's pretty unreal to see something that was built somewhere between 3000 and 2000 B.C.!

I love the difference in height between the tall boys and short girls!

When we arrived in Bath, we ditched our tour guides and had a lovely lunch at a little pub in Bath that Bri and Sam liked, and then spent the afternoon walking around and taking in the unique and beautiful architecture there. 

The Circus in Bath... probably not the worst place to live!

Fun fact, we were watching some Rick Steves in preparation for our trip, and apparently this low wall was built to keep the riffraff off of the Circus lawn, but was also built specifically so it wouldn't obstruct the view of the homeowners and from the Circus, the lawn appears as one large, green expanse. (Sorry, nerd alert!)

Like Bri and Sam, we absolutely loved the architecture here!

 We spent a fair amount of time pointing out tiny doors and taking pictures of them. :)

The next day Mat and I walked around the riverfront and the Westminster area. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, perfect for sightseeing!!!

Mat and I did the tour of Westminster, which is pretty amazing. We loved the architecture, seeing all of the history, and walking along only to stumble upon the effigy of Sir Isaac Newton, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, or the numerous Kings and Queens of Britain.

The Horse Guard, where they had the volleyball courts for the Olympic games.

We had lunch in a 600 year old pub, which was smaller than our living room!

The Parliament Houses

The Eye, which had a ridiculous line, so we skipped it.

Stay tuned for our adventures in Prague!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

It's been a while

And it will be a while more, for on Tuesday we're off on a big adventure, to visit our friends Bri and Sam in London and to see the sights in Prague and Dublin as well! Since I've been m.i.a. for a while, here's a little slice of our summer: 

Said a sad goodbye to these two...

... but hopefully we'll get out to Tennessee sooner rather than later!

Mat and I went to Kansas to help celegrate a wedding and enjoy lots of barbeque:

Spent a ton of time at our favorite parks: Mukilteo Beach and the Forest Park spray pad!

Had a lot of new summertime treats, ice cream, lemons, and raspberries!

Evelyn learned how to "drive" and walk:

And, best of all, we soaked up as much of our sweet, silly, adorable, lively little girl. We just can't get enough of her!!!

Can't believe it's already fall... stay tuned for more adventures!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day to the most loving, fun, giving, and hard-working dad we know! We love you!!!


We did this photo project with my PEPS group, and it turned out really cute! I printed the photos and put them in a three-photo frame to spell out "DAD". Easy, cute, and personal Father's Day present, and Mat loved it! He got a couple other things, too, but I'm pretty sure this was one of his favorites. Hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day!